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VALEO IT Services International GmbH

VALEO IT Services International GmbH

In der Scheibe 3
92706 Luhe-Wildenau
Tel.: +4996072389926
Mobil: +4915164502052
Fax: +4996072389999


Simon Kirchner


Software und Softwareentwicklung


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Beschreibung des Unternehmens

Individual and customized IT from VALEO IT.

Are you looking for conceptual consultancy, design, provision and operation of your IT infrastructure regardless of industry, on premise or cloud based) at a high level of complexity?

You need international support in the area of the first, second and / or third level. An availability of 24/7 with multinational business and locations in all relevant continents and languages?

Do you need planning, conception, installation and / or support of IP-based video systems or license plate recognition as access control and documentation?

We can already apply this in multiple projects and therefore we are always technically up to date, develop our own solutions and have employees who have internalized our service philosophy.

Strong employees, strong strategies, strong solutions or shortly: VALEO IT.