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Evinent GmbH

Evinent GmbH

Am Hochacker 3, Pavillon 1
85630 Grasbrunn
Mobil: 01701493615


Denys Pizhyk


Software und Softwareentwicklung

Beschreibung des Unternehmens

Evinent GmbH is a German company specializing in developing platforms for mobile devices and delivering B2B and B2C solutions without compromising on outstanding user experience

We are an ever-growing team of highly qualified software engineers that focuses on delivering bespoke software development and ongoing technical support to more than 20 successful clients.

At Evinent, we take pride in transparency and detailed planning throughout the entire process, our aim being to completely fulfill our customers’ needs and boost their business success

We are a group of highly-skilled developers who share a common passion for the work we deliver. Our vision for software development starts with a thorough analyze of our customer’s needs that allows us to integrate the functionality of coding into a solid architecture that will ultimately result in business success.

We start every project by understating the core of a business’ operations in order to be able to find the perfect solution for your needs. At Evinent, we believe that strong communication is key when it comes to software development, so we are always in touch with our clients throughout the process.

Our technology stack

• C#/.NET Core, .NET Framework
• javascript, Angular, AngularJS
• HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL
• MsSql Server, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Ionic Framework
• Katalon, Selenium WebDriver
• Docker
• Git

Our services

• Solutions for healthcare
• Solutions for search
• B2B/B2C development
• UI/UX design
• Quality Assurance
• Technical support and Documentation
• Deployment and Integration